Softgoods International, Inc. Company Profile

Softgoods International, Inc. has a 17-year track record of providing excellent software and control engineering services to industrial clients for their computer-based process automation projects. Satisfied customers report improved product quality, higher production yields, and increased profit. Customers also benefit from Softgood’s large and varied parts inventory at below-market pricing.

John W. Andrews founded Softgoods International, Inc. in 1989. The company is centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Satisfied customers continue to seek the skills and expertise Softgoods provides.  These long standing relationships are a testimonial to the company's dedication to excellence and customer service.

Andrews continues to run his company with strict adherence to his original mission statement which puts the needs of the customer first. Customers who have benefited from the experience and expertise at Softgoods International continue to return for additional control engineering projects and numerous parts requests.  since the database is preconfigured and loaded onto the new disk ahead of time.  

Exemplary customer service and business practice with integrity are the hallmarks of this unique and growing company.  For further information about this company and its services, contact John Andrews at 317-698-2246 or visit the company website at