MxOpen System Upgrades

  • Existing Vision2002 based systems can be successfully upgraded to MxOpen for increased productivity and profit.  These systems have a database that can be conveniently reverse engineered and duplicated in MxOpen, retaining almost identical functionality with minimal downtime.  The transition takes place quickly, since the database is preconfigured and loaded onto the new disk ahead of time.  

  • The hardware change consists of replacing only three circuit boards along with the hard disk subassembly.  No other changes are required for the system's internal wiring, Unitec board functionality and configuration, chassis, terminations, cabinets, operator consoles, scanners, sensors or SSP. 

  • The upgraded system conforms precisely to existing system configuration as the result of the use of custom state of the art reverse engineering utilities, which insure the preservation of the existing system configuration, calibration, and uniquely developed functionality.

  • This MxOpen upgrade also includes Ethernet connectivity, which effectively replaces Data Freeway.  Existing Dynaview consoles can be replaced or retained and supplemented by "NTXOps" operator consoles.  Printronix printers can be retained and supplemented by either B&W or color Laser printers.

  • The MxOpen upgrade is a highly desirable, cost-effective alternative to the purchase of a new system.  The MxOpen upgrade benefits include pricing to meet budget requirements, increased functionality improvements, and many added system enhancements.