System Alarm Manager (SAM)

The System Alarm Manager is a Windows Service utility which collects, categorizes, and archives process and system alarms and messages into a relational database.  This alarm data is readily available for analysis and review by operations, engineering and maintenance personnel on any desktop PC connected to the plant Ethernet. 

The alarm displays include a range of analytical tools which provide alarm management functions.  The use of the System Alarm Manager will quickly identify problem areas within the process needing attention and where such improvement will yield considerable quality and profitably gains. 

The use of this utility will allow proactive management of the process in real time and enable reducing the severity or duration of process disturbances before they escalate into lost production or degradation of product quality.

  • Automatic collection of process and maintenance alarms and system messages

  • Categorization and archiving of data into relational database

  • Utility runs as a Windows service 24x7 in PC platforms in industrial PC

  • Display alarms plant-wide, on any PC connected to network in real time

  • Convenient access by operations, engineering, maintenance and management.

  • Display functions provide analysis, searching, and sorting functions

Example of MxAlarm Logger Database Utility